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Starting a Community Interest Company

I was until September 2017 a High Performance Computing Manager for the University of York; however, through a cost-cutting centralisation process, I made redundant thus enabling me to start something new and exciting!  Since my hobbies include circus related skills and the fact that I very much enjoy working with children I decided to start a circus school in York (the nearest circus school is 25 miles away in Leeds)!

So once I was made redundant I met up with a friend who has helped various groups start their own companies, and decided that since I wanted to create a not-for-profit organisation to serve the local community, then starting up a Community Interest Company (CIC) would be the best way forward.

After a lot of form filling in, I got my confirmation from Companies House on Monday 16th October 2017 that CIC was now formally up and running.  Over the past month, I’ve managed to write all the necessary documents (e.g. Health and Safety policy) and I am now looking to trial a few lessons in some primary schools for free.  So if you know of a school who would like to have me then let me know please.

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