Building and strengthening community

Circus Skills York CIC is foremost a Social Enterprise, and wherever possible, we aim to provide free or low cost community workshops to enhance locally organised community events in and around York. We love community workshops and fundraising.

Dad lying over a tightrope with daughter lying on top of him


By creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, everyone can get to know one another and relax – the seeds of a thriving community. Explore new skills and be delighted and astounded – making friends and restoring our sense of family doesn’t have to be hard.

Packages and fees

Charity Event

For non-profit local organisations

  • Because one good turn deserves another
  • Can be used to promote and market your work
  • Can be tailor-made
  • Can help boost your fund raising

Community Event

For events that build community

£50-75/ hour
  • Flexible pricing structure so nothing is impossible
  • Create the atmosphere you want at your event
  • Enhance any media coverage or publicity
  • Make your event the talk of the town

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