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Sometimes teaching can be tough. Teachers constantly have to motivate kids, minimise boredom, handle difficult behavior, navigate through special needs and provide an education!! We can help with our circus skill-based PE lessons that create fun, excitement, exercise and stress-relief for all.


Educational Benefits:

Social Benefits: 

Health Benefits:

Packages and fees

Half day

2-3 lessons

  • A great introduction
  • Can be booked ad hoc
  • Tailor-made content
  • Pay with Sports Premium

Whole day

5 lessons in one day

  • Includes multiple sessions
  • Book ad hoc
  • Staff can benefit too
  • Pay with Sports Premium

Half termly

1/2 day per week

£690/ package
  • Long term dedicated support
  • Buy multiple packages
  • Fantastic value
  • Pay with Sports Premium

School Fair

morning / afternoon

  • Great introduction
  • Boost fund raising
  • Enhance publicity
  • Refer to our Community Page

Up-coming events

Currently there are lunchtime/after-school clubs organised for the Spring term 2022 at:

If you want your child to attend then please register at https://www.clubenrolment.com/CSY, or if you want your school to have a club then please contact us.

If you book us you will also get your school listed on our website for FREE!

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You can call me direct on 07871 545388 or fill out the form below to email me at stuart@circusskillsyorkcic.org

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